Uttar Pradesh MMS: Gangrape By Friends And Made Blue Film

Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh to Sharmshhar friendship phenomenon has emerged. It read in college with a girl with her readers have some guys Gangrepe, then put her mobile made obscene MMS. Boy began to blackmail the girl.

According to the information, accused of rape lamp is the son of a government official. He took his father’s car had been that day. Event is March 30, 2011.

Lamp, sit in the car that day and hang that girl asked to run excuses. Girl sat. Lamps, the car stopped at a secluded Jadah there he had already called his two friends. MMS all together then made the girl was raped.

The girl’s family members when the police station registered a case under pressure from the police officer did not.

Go to the SP case, the police registered a case on their instructions. Police later arrested and jailed lamp and Riyajual. The lamps in the car the girl was raped UP his No. 78-0036 is. It was recovered.

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