Kanpur MMS Scandal: Kannur School Girl Hot MMS Scandal

Arang debuted at number one student for a series of things has lead to waste. The number he used to talk to the guy near the time.

Become friends after he called one day to meet student and raped her with a fellow prisoner to make porn film cast. To remove your lust after which he began to match the black student.

Black student upset by mailing a day to the families told the whole thing. After which the station Sunawae failing family justice student rushed to meet the DIG in Ans. Station area is Bzaria case.

According to information of the fifteen-year-old daughter Devaki Bzaria living in the area, Anjali (fictitious name) is the high school student. According to the DIG office in August -2010 Anjali arrived at his mobile number to an unknown person Arif span Arang number I.

The following day after she started talking to him. She began her romantic messages and time. Continuously for a few days after things got good friendship between the two. He then routed from a friend. Tanvir was named.

Arif things during the day to meet him and asked to meet desired. Anjali came to meet him in the trap Arif reached Lucknow. Tanveer Arif with the plot under which it imprisoned in a room both have gang raped.

Keeping his mouth shut and black mail them to your tunes Nchanae the nude photos of Anjali porn video clips with Akichne prepared. Fear of Loklahj Anjali did not tell anybody and up – arch came home Alonto

Anjali and Tanveer Arif says that since the day he began to black mail. Refusing to talk on the nude Photoan and clips into the net started to threaten to toss respect in society.

He upset the two threats to the whole event, told his mother Devaki. Contain information which reached the Devaki daughter Bzaria station and complained of the case.

Where the daughter’s reputation, citing police pressure started to settle and no action against the accused. Ahaushla Bunalr moved the accused. Extremely upset by his antics student mother plead with the judge that figure reached out Caryal DIG./div>